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Name:Cloud Strife
Birthdate:Aug 19
History on his LJ Account: ((It's too long to put in here. :S))

Personality: Before the original FF7, Cloud was trying so hard to be a somebody because he had so little confidence in himself, and he wanted to fit in with the rest of the world by attempting to join SOLDIER. ...He was two different people in one.

A) Who he wanted to be, making Zack Fair's stories into these fantasies to come off as the cool jerk, uncaring and willing to take on any job as long as he got paid for it. He wanted all those things that Zack had, and he had infused these stories to make them his past a long time ago. Two side effects came with that; his real memories got tangled up into confusion with the stories Zack told him. It's because of this is where the other side effect came in--he was unable to remember his friend for a while.

B) The other part of him came off as shy, socially awkward. He's overall a nice guy, really. He tried to hide all this, but he couldn't just abandon someone who's in danger for example (Jessie's foot got stuck when it was time to bail the Mako 1 Reactor, and when Priscilla was in danger of the sea dragon in Junon). Often, he has placed others before himself without any second guessing--whether it's people he knows or complete strangers.

His emotions evolved overtime. He developed feelings for Aeris, and after the chain events with Sephiroth and the Shinra two years later, he got stuck someplace and needed a push to move on from this loss.

Overall during the AC timeline he was just a mess, inside and out. The Geostigma was just one more thing that just knocked him down. This constant need to be the protector included running far enough to keep at a distance so his loved ones wouldn't see him suffer. It's only natural, for he had gone through hard times as a kid and looked down on as a guinea pig during inhumane experiments. Cloud wouldn't wish that same ordeal on anyone else.

Now up to Dirge of Cerberus onward he has been evolving a coming of age state. He's moved on from Aeris, but some of him remains the same. He can at times still act like a bit of a dork and withdrawn/quiet about sensitive subjects, such as certain losses in his past.

On the people and events that would matter to him, he still sees it through to the end that all is well. Especially if he feels at fault for whatever horrible situation it might be, he'll feel responsible to set things right. Failure is not an option, and being a failure is his greatest fear. He also wishes for all those who really matter to him to stay safe.

Whenever there's no words to express his emotions, or no words on what he wants to say, he hopes the actions he'll do speak for him. In some ways, he's like a kid. Whenever something bothers him he tends to avoid eye contact. His shyness seems childlike too.
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